Tuesday, January 27
Union Dues Higher in Non-Right-to-Work States - James Sherk, Heritage
Race as a Choice - Emily Nix & Nancy Qian, VoxEU
The Budget and Economic Outlook: 2015 to 2025 - CBO
Setting Value-Based Payment Goals - Sylvia M. Burwell, NEJM
Unemployment Benefits and the Labor Market - Hagedorn et al., NBER
Monday, January 26
The Struggles of Undocumented Undergrads - UCLA UndocuScholars
Saturday, January 24
Hospitals' 'Two-Midnight' Rule - Health Affairs & RWJF
Family Planning Improves Kids' Lives - Sawhill & Venator, Brookings
Friday, January 23
Student Debt and Entrepreneurial Activity - Sandy Baum, Urban Institute
Refocus on Workfare - Greg Sullivan & Charles Chieppo, Pioneer Institute
Mental Health and Gun Regulations - Steven W. Dulan, Cooley Law Review
Thursday, January 22
Campus Law Enforcement, 2011-12 - Brian A. Reaves, BJS
A 20-Week Abortion Ban and the Budget - Congressional Budget Office
The Impact of Drug Law Reform in NYC - Jim Parsons, Vera Institute
'Split Benefit' Health Insurance: An Experiment - Robertson et al., SSRN
The Great Recession and Entrepreneurship - Federico J. Diez, Boston Fed
Wednesday, January 21
Toward a New Monetary Regime - Dirk Niepelt, VoxEU
Tuesday, January 20
Keystone XL Approval, Scored - Congressional Budget Office
The Higher Education Bubble - Farhad Mirzadeh, NCPA
Buyer Composition and the Housing Boom - Manuel Adelino et al., SSRN
The Rise of the Global 1 Percent - Oxfam
Monday, January 19
The Cost of College in the U.S. - Marlon Graf, EduTech
President's Capital Gains Tax Proposals - Marr & Huang, CBPP
Inequality Entices Talent Into Finance - Kirill Shakhnov, VoxEU
Saturday, January 17
Exchange Subsidies: What CBO Said - Theda Skocpol, SSN
The Keystone Distraction - Derrick Freeman, Progressive Policy Institute
Estimating Flu Vaccine Effectiveness - Centers for Disease Control
State and Local Borrowing: Policy Basics - CBPP

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