Friday, February 27
Hispanic Immigration and Economic Growth - IHS
The Demographic Evolution of the Electorate - Teixeira et al., CAP
How the 2013 Budget Deal Was Negotiated - Jill Lawrence, Brookings
Thursday, February 26
Vermont's Single-Payer Politics - Ashley Fox & Nathan Blanchet, Duke JHPPL
'Survival Sex' Among LGBTQ Youth - Meredith Dank et al., Urban Institute
The Death Penalty and the Race of the Victim - Baumgartner et al., PGI
The Political Assimilation of Immigrants - Wilson & Nowrasteh, Cato
Raise the Cap on Social Security Taxes? - CAP | AEI
The ACA's Modest Impact on Demand - Glied & Ma, Commonwealth Fund
Wednesday, February 25
College Completion, State by State - National Student Clearinghouse
Wage Insurance to Help the Middle Class - Robert E. Litan, Brookings
Who Is Working Less? - Salim Furth, Heritage Foundation
The Evolution of Retirement Wealth - Devlin-Foltz et al., Federal Reserve
Why Inventors Sell to 'Patent Trolls' - Haber & Werfel, SSRN
Is Fertility at an All-Time Low? - Gretchen Livingston, Pew Research
Tuesday, February 24
College Major and Unemployment - Carnevale & Cheah, CEW
'Established by the State,' Out of Context - Jost & Engstrand, Miami BLR
The Cost of Deporting 5 Million Immigrants - Philip E. Wolgin, CAP
Insolvency After Bankruptcy Reform - Stefania Albanesi et al., FRBNY
Mental Health Reforms for Public Safety - David B. Kopel et al., SSRN
The Federal Lands Freedom Act - Tubb & Loris, Heritage Foundation
Monday, February 23
Measuring Progress on Student Debt Repayment - Brown et al., FRBNY
Risk Corridors: An Update - Health Affairs
Reforming Transportation Policy - Emily Goff, Heritage Foundation
Libertarian Constitutionalism: Mainstream - Bernstein & Somin, SSRN
Saturday, February 21
Wage Stagnation Continues - Elise Gould, Economic Policy Institute
Middle-Class Economics: A Brief History - Jason Furman, VoxEU
The ACA's Key Design Flaws - Edmund F. Haislmaier, Heritage Foundation
Does Medicare Part D Save Lives? - Abe Dunn & Adam Hale Shapiro FRBSF
Friday, February 20
2015 Economic Report of the President - Council of Economic Advisers
The Effects of Occupational Licensing - Timmons & Mills, Mercatus
Corporate Cash and Financial Shocks - Philippe Bacchetta et al., VoxEU
One-Parent Students Leave School Earlier - Ziol-Guest et al., EdNext
Thursday, February 19
Education Fixes for Congress and the States - Lindsey Burke, Heritage
A Knowledge Base for Climate Resiliency - NYC Panel on Climate Change
Obama's Climate Agenda, State by State - Dayaratna et al., Heritage
Monetary Policy and Mortgage Booms - Oscar Jorda et al., VoxEU
Redesigning Teacher Salaries - Karen Hawley Miles et al., CAP
Wednesday, February 18
Evaluating a 'Fatherhood Academy' - Marla McDaniel et al., Urban
The ACA and Medicaid Expansion Waivers - Robin Rudowitz et al., KFF
Marijuana and Psychosis - Marta Di Forti et al., Lancet Psychiatry
Racial Disparities in Savings Behavior - Kai Yuan Kuan et al., NBER
The Misuse of Jails in America - Ram Subramanian et al., Vera Institute
Tuesday, February 17
The Declining Significance of Discrimination - Roland Fryer, Issues
Policy Priorities for the New Congress - Cato Institute
The Future of Work - Kearney & Hershbein, Hamilton Project

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