Wednesday, August 20
The Problem With Megacities - Joel Kotkin et al., Chapman University
What Americans Spend to Raise Their Children - USDA
Reining in the EPA: Power of the Purse - Daren Bakst, Heritage Foundation
The Damage of Coal Exports - Nathan Joo et al., Center for American Progress
Tuesday, August 19
The Decline of Labor Force Participation - Steven Braun et al., VoxEU
The Impact of Jury Race in Criminal Trials - Shamena Anwar et al., QJE
A Realistic Assessment of Housing Reform - Laurie Goodman, Urban
How Housing Reform Backfired - Andy Winkler, American Action Forum
Obama's Attempt to Balkanize Hawaii - Hans von Spakovsky, Heritage
Monday, August 18
How Md. and N.Y. Ended Prison Gerrymandering - Erika L. Wood, Demos
Unrecognized Benefits to Grade Inflation - Boleslavsky & Cotton, VoxEU
QE and Central Bank Insolvency - Michel & Moore, Heritage Foundation
Saturday, August 16
Small Practices and Hospital Admissions - Casalino et al., Health Affairs
Rise of School Employees Who Don't Teach - Matt Richmond, Fordham
The Problem With Payroll-Tax Reallocation - Rachel Greszler, Heritage
Is There a Taste for Discrimination? - Bryson & Chevalier, VoxEU
Friday, August 15
Key Points From the New Social Security Report - Kathy Ruffing, CBPP
Medicare Trustees' Report: Takeaways - Fontenot & Patel, Health Affairs
Against Administrative Amnesty - Morgan & Inserra, Heritage Foundation
Guarantee Fees and the GSEs - Laurie Goodman et al., Urban Institute
Thursday, August 14
State Employee Health Plan Spending - Pew Charitable Trusts
Political Bias in Legal Scholarship - Chilton & Posner, SSRN
A Two-Tier Exchange System - Rosemarie Day et al., Health Affairs
Income Data is a Poor Measure of Inequality - Alan Cole, Tax Foundation
Introducing the PRO Wage - Douglas Holtz-Eakin, American Action Forum
Transcending Obamacare - Avik Roy, Manhattan Institute
Wednesday, August 13
Medicare and the ACA Marketplaces - Timothy Jost, Health Affairs
The Women Who Need Publicly Funded Contraception - Guttmacher
How TANF Performed During the Recession - Ron Haskins et al., Brookings
Immigrants and the Economy: A FAQ - Daniel Costa et al., EPI
The Implications of D.C.'s Minimum Wage Hike - Gregory Acs et al., Urban
Unpaid Interns Have Few Legal Rights - Josh Eidelson, BusinessWeek
Tuesday, August 12
Lead Exposure and Behavior - Jessica Wolpaw Reyes, NBER
Social Security: The Cost of Delay - C. for a Responsible Federal Budget
A 21st Century Social Contract - Vallas et al., Center for American Progress
Income and Wage Gaps Across the U.S. - U.S. Conference of Mayors
Guiding Principles for Housing Finance Policy - Michel & Ligon, Heritage
What Health Services Are Cost-Effective? - GAO
Monday, August 11
Six Myths About American Math Performance - Tom Loveless, Brookings
Is Wisconsin Driving Taxpayers Away? - Pamela Villarreal, NCPA
Our Manufacturing Base Is Surprisingly Strong - Moran & Oldenski, VoxEU

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