Saturday, March 28
End the Subsidy for High-Tax States - Greszler & Dayaratna, Heritage
The Gender Gap in Reading - Tom Loveless, Brookings Institution
Are Cars Meeting Emissions Standards? - EPA & NHTSA
Recommendations for Work-Related Prison Reentry - Bluhm Legal Clinic
Social Mobility and Economic Outcomes - Maia Guell et al., VoxEU
Friday, March 27
The Rollback of Dodd-Frank - Wallace Turbeville & Lenore Palladino, Demos
Time for Budget Process Reform - James C. Capretta, Mercatus Center
A New Structure for U. S. Federal Debt - John H. Cochrane, U. of Chicago
Urban Charter Schools in 41 Regions: A Study - CREDO
Predicting Violent Recidivism - Peter B. Imrey & A. Philip Dawid, SSRN
Thursday, March 26
Americans Don't Face a Retirement Crisis - Biggs & Schieber, AEI
Is Capital Income Displacing Labor Income? - Matthew Rognlie, Brookings
College Degrees: High Cost, High Reward - Jeffrey R. Brown et al., VoxEU
Dental Coverage and the ACA - Snyder & Kanchinadam, Health Affairs
The Estate Tax, Deficits, and Inequality - Chuck Marr et al., CBPP
Wednesday, March 25
California's Climate Change Conundrum - Eureka
King v. Burwell and the Administrative State - Ronald D. Rotunda, SSRN
America Needs a Rational Transit Policy - Wendell Cox, Heritage Foundation
How Well Are American Students Learning? - Tom Loveless, Brookings
Taxes and Startup Incentives - Marron & Rosenberg, Tax Policy Center
Deadly Force Among Philadelphia Police - Carter & Fachner, DOJ
Tuesday, March 24
Age, Poverty, and Homicide - Mike Males, SAGE Open
Where GOP Budgets Get Their Cuts - Richard Kogan & Isaac Shapiro, CBPP
Early Steps Toward GSE Reform - Jim Parrott, Urban Institute
A Politician's Age and Policy - Alberto Alesina et al., VoxEU
Monday, March 23
ACA Subsidies and Blackmail - Einer Elhauge, SSRN
Exchange Premiums on the Rise - Drew Gonshorowski, Heritage Foundation
House Budget Would Slash SNAP - Rosenbaum & Keith-Jennings, CBPP
Did LA's Fast Food Ban Work? - Roland Sturm & Aiko Hattori, RAND
Saturday, March 21
Government Regulations: The Data - American Action Forum
The Agenda to Raise America's Pay - Economic Policy Institute
Americans' Support for Redistribution - Vivekinan Ashok et al., Brookings
The Upward Trend of Cancer Drug Prices - David H. Howard et al., AEA
Friday, March 20
The State of Black America 2015 - National Urban League
The Federal Budget in Pictures - The Heritage Foundation
Robots, Productivity, and Jobs - Guy Michaels & Georg Graetz, VoxEU
Thursday, March 19
Are Retirees Falling Short? - Munnell et al., Center for Retirement Research
Fannie and Freddie's Profitability Isn't Assured - FHFA OIG
Does Breastfeeding Increase IQ? - Cesar G. Victora et al., The Lancet
Wednesday, March 18
Moneyball for Education - Frederick M. Hess & Bethany Little, AEI
Stagnant Wages: Fact or Fiction? - Salim Furth, Heritage Foundation
A Balanced Budget for a Stronger Country - House Budget Committee

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