Thursday, July 31
A First Look at Obamacare Enrollment - Edmund F. Haislmaier, Heritage
Jobless Benefits Cuts Didn't Help Labor Markets - Josh Bivens et al., EPI
Unemployment Insurance: What You Need to Know - Stone & Chen, CBPP
Eight Facts About Marijuana and Banks - Sarah Trumble et al., Third Way
Rapid Bus: Low Cost, High Capacity - Randal O'Toole, Cato
Some College, No Degree - Doug Shapiro et al., NSC
Wednesday, July 30
Tracking Debt in America - Caroline Ratcliffe et al., Urban Institute
The Uncertainty of Long-Term Debt Projections - Jonathan Huntley, CBO
Climate Change: The Cost of Delaying Action - Jason Furman, White House
Immigration Recommendations Fall Short - David Inserra, Heritage
Regulating the Peer Production Economy - Lehmann & Moylan, R Street
Helping Poor Families With Child Care Tax Credits - Elaine Maag, TaxVox
Tuesday, July 29
Many States Aren't Tracking Juvenile Recidivism - CSG & NRRC
The 2014 KIDS COUNT Data Book - Annie E. Casey Foundation
The Impact of Piracy on Movie Revenue - Liye Ma et el., Carnegie Mellon
Employer-Based Coverage Declines - Haislmaier & Gonshorowski, Heritage
2014 Social Security Trustees Report - Social Security Administration
2014 Medicare Trustees Report - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Monday, July 28
Lessons From Teach For America - Lloyd Bentsen & Megan Simons, NCPA
Who Pays for Public Employee Health Benefits? - Clemens & Cutler, Cato
Juggalos and the Problem of Defining Gangs - Zachariah Fudge, Marquette
Saturday, July 26
Global Warming Overestimated? - McKitrick & Vogelsang, Environmetrics
The Surge of Unaccompanied Child Immigrants - Restrepo & Garcia, CAP
Health Care Relies on Workers Without Degrees - Ross et al., Brookings
Immigration Courts: Underfunded and Overburdened - Daniel Costa, EPI
Refundability and the Child Tax Credit - Maag & Austin, Urban Institute
Friday, July 25
Expanding Opportunity in America - Rep. Paul Ryan, Budget Committee
Ryan's Proposal Will Exacerbate Poverty - Boteach & Vallas, CAP
The Fiscal Impact of Immigration - Alex Nowrasteh, Cato Institute
A Case for Child Development Accounts - Friedline & Schuetz, New America
The Productivity of Public Charter Schools - Wolf et al., U. of Arkansas
Policies to Support Upward Mobility - McKernan et al., Urban Institute
Thursday, July 24
Undercover Testing for Obamacare Fraud - GAO
How Welfare Reform Affected Children - Sherman & Trisi, CBPP
Unions and Corporations: Political Spending - Kennedy & McElwee, Demos
Has the ACA Slowed Health Spending Growth? - Rettenmaier et al., NCPA
The Index of Culture and Opportunity - Heritage Foundation
How Bailouts Influence Banks' Behavior - Chari & Phelan, Minneapolis Fed
Wednesday, July 23
How Old Are the Children at the Border? - Krogstad et al., Pew Research
The Marginal Tax Rates of Government Programs - Arloc Sherman, CBPP
Tracking Labor's Share of Income - Ben Gitis, American Action Forum
Rising Debt: Our Policy Options - Michael Simpson & Julie Topoleski, CBO
What Counts as 'Manufacturing'? - Robert E. Scott, Economic Policy Institute
Aligning the Common Core and Higher Ed - Lindsey Tepe, New America
Tuesday, July 22
What Growing Deficits Could Do to the Debt-to-GDP Ratio - CBO
How Judicial Vacancies Affect Federal Trials - Alicia Bannon, Brennan
Wages for Recent Grads Are Falling Behind - Hobijn & Bengali, SF Fed
Monday, July 21
The Value of Protecting Trade Secrets - Masayuki Morikawa, VoxEU
Reviewing the Ex-Im Bank Debate - De Rugy & Castillo, Mercatus
Creating Around Copyright - Joseph Fishman, Harvard Law School

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