Thursday, May 28
Inequality and Entrepreneurship Growth - Christian E. Weller et al., CAP
Private Sector Can Reform Disability Insurance - Merrill Matthews, IPI
State Agencies on the Clean Power Plan - Wallach & Kramer, Brookings
Wednesday, May 27
Universal Basic Income: Pros and Cons - Michael D. Tanner, Cato Institute
The Sharing Economy and the 'Lemons Problem' - Thierer et al., Mercatus
Tuesday, May 26
Women's Quiet Revolution - Jessie Romero & Claudia Goldin, Richmond Fed
Coping With an Aging Population - Pew Research Center
Impacts of the Clean Power Plan - Energy Information Administration
The Privacy Paradox - Benjamin Wittes & Jodie Liu, Brookings Institution
Authorized Status, Limited Returns - Lauren A. Apgar, EPI
Metadata Collection: Responsible Options - Carafano et al., Heritage
Saturday, May 23
The Rise of Residential Segregation - Trevon Logan & John Parman, NBER
Trends in Social Security Claiming - Munnell & Chen, CRR
Investing in Work Through the EITC - Elaine Maag, Tax Policy Center
The Problem of Underinsurance - Commonwealth Fund
The Cost of Local Jails - Christian Henrichson et al., Vera Institute of Justice
Friday, May 22
Fighting Poverty With Wage Growth - Gould et al., Economic Policy Institute
Balancing the Budget by 2028 - Gordon Gray & Douglas Holtz-Eakin, AAF
Common Core and Classroom Instruction - Tom Loveless, Brookings
Economic Benefits of Deferred Action - Lizet Ocampo, CAP
Thursday, May 21
The Race and Class Bias of Student Debt - Mark Huelsman, Demos
Trade Agreements' Broken Promises to Labor - Sen. Elizabeth Warren
The Promise of Gun Violence Restraining Orders - Frattaroli et al., BSL
Wednesday, May 20
ACA Will Cartelize the Health Care Industry - Adam C. Smith, Mercatus
Poverty and Welfare in the American Founding - Thomas G. West, Heritage
Dynamic Scoring and Congress - Mike Gajewsky, NCPA
The FBI Should Absorb the ATF - Chelsea Parsons et al., CAP
Tuesday, May 19
The Myth of Dynastic Wealth - Robert D. Arnott et al., SSRN
The Puzzle of Weak First-Quarter GDP Growth - Rudebusch et al., FRBSF
Privatizing the GSEs: Careful What You Ask For - Parrott & Zandi, Urban
Criminal Justice: Leaders Speak Out - Brennan Center for Justice
Monday, May 18
Student Reports of Bullying - Deborah Lessne & Melissa Cidade, NCES

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