Thursday, October 23
Wealth Tax Would Shrink the Economy - Andrew Lundeen, Tax Foundation
Copyright and Creativity: Evidence From Opera - Giorcelli & Moser, SSRN
The Reality of Online Harassment - Maeve Duggan, Pew Research
Energy States Have Fared Better - Ben Gitis, American Action Forum
Wednesday, October 22
Mapping America's Diversity - USA Today
Tax Reform Would Help American Families - Curtis S. DuBay, Heritage
The Evidence on Universal Preschool - David J. Armor | Timothy J. Bartik
Tuesday, October 21
Who Will Become a Killer? - DeLisi et al., Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice
Anti-Fraud Efforts and the Budget - Congressional Budget Office
Wealth Inequality Explodes - Saez & Zucman, Equitable Growth
Assessing the Proposed Housing Goals - Jim Parrott et al., Urban Institute
Fortress and Frontier in American Health Care - Robert Graboyes, Mercatus
Connecticut's Great College Cost Shift - Huelsman & Hiltonsmith, Demos
Monday, October 20
Obamacare's 90-Day Grace Period - Health Affairs & RWJF
Eliminating Waste and Controlling Spending - Romina Boccia, Heritage
A Second Amendment Symposium - Connecticut Law Review
Where the Advanced Degrees Are - Richey Piiparinen et al., CPD
The Effect of Malpractice Reform - Daniel A. Waxman et al., RAND
Saturday, October 18
Guns in Washington State: 9 Things to Know - Parsons & Speigel, CAP
Economic Opportunity and Inequality - Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve
Renewing Coverage For 2015 - Timothy Jost, Health Affairs
Inclusive Growth: Some Good News - Jason Furman, Milken Institute
Friday, October 17
Do Public Pensions Help Recruit Good Workers? - Munnell et al., CRR
The Poverty Rate Declines - Census Bureau
Exporting Natural Gas: Benefits Outweigh Risks - Derrick Freeman, PPI
Deportation and Discretion - Rosenblum & McCabe, Migration Policy
Why the Deficit Fell Faster Than Expected - CRFB
Airbnb and Illegal Activity in New York - Eric Schneiderman, AG
Thursday, October 16
Corporate Welfare: Ranking the States - Veronique de Rugy, Mercatus
Wealth Inequality: New Evidence - Emmanuel Saez & Gabriel Zucman
Teens Aren't Equipped for Interrogations - Hayley Cleary, L&HB
ICE Enforcement Collapses Further - Jessica Vaughan, CIS
Quantifying the Rise in Sea Levels - Kurt Lambeck et al., PNAS
A Look at ACA Rate Increases - PricewaterhouseCoopers
Wednesday, October 15
r > g: The Biggest Driver of Rising Wealth Inequality? - IGM Forum
The True Cost of Clean Energy - European Commission
Obamacare Will Increase the Deficit - Budget Committee GOP
Who's Making It to College? - National Student Clearinghouse
Tuesday, October 14
Aurora Shooting: After Action Report - City of Aurora
D.C.: Our Changing City - Urban Institute
Housing and the Great Recession - Demetrio M. Scopelliti, BLS
Monday, October 13
The Great Mortgaging - Oscar Jorda et al., VoxEU

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