Wednesday, July 29
$15 Minimum Wage and Prices - Richard Ghiselli & Jing Ma, JFBR
Innovation and Social Mobility - Philippe Aghion, VoxEU
Planning for the Post-ACA World - Haislmaier & Owcharenko, Heritage
Tuesday, July 28
Why the Federal Government Fails - Chris Edwards, Cato Institute
$12-$15 Minimum Wage: Counterproductive - Holtz-Eakin & Gitis, AAF
Monday, July 27
Economic Mobility in the United States - Pew Research
GMO Labeling: A Q&A - Daren Bakst, Heritage Foundation
The Success of the CFPB - Camille Galles, CAP
Government Barriers to Mobility - Steven Horwitz, Mercatus Center
Saturday, July 25
Debunking the 'Gig Economy' - R.J. Lehmann, R Street
The Rand Paul Tax Plan - Jacob Kohlhepp, NCPA
Are the Green Bay Packers Socialists? - Parlow & Mittal, SSRN
Examining Federal Reserve Reform Proposals - Paul Kupiec, AEI
Economics of Search and Seizure Law - Orin Kerr, SSRN
Friday, July 24
Index of Culture and Opportunity - Heritage Foundation
The Status of Social Security and Medicare - SSA
Drivers of CO2 Emissions, '97-'13 - Feng et al., Nature Communications
Thursday, July 23
Impact of the ACA on Premiums - Bradley T. Heim et al., JHPPL
Charters' Special Education Gap - Marcus A. Winters, EducationNext
Free Lawyers for Abuse Victims - Rosenberg & Grab, Policy Integrity
Wednesday, July 22
Measuring Diversity in Charter Schools - McShane & Hatfield, AEI
Capitalism for Everyone - Karla Walter et al., CAP
Automation Increases Living Standards - Sherk & Burke, Heritage
Tuesday, July 21
The Highest Polluting Utilities - M.J. Bradley & Associates
Child Poverty and Brain Development - Hair et al., JAMA Pediatrics
A Properly Designed Wealth Tax - S. Douglas Hopkins, SSRN
Monday, July 20
Ohio's Teacher Evaluation System - Jessica Poiner, Fordham Institute
The Dangers of Internet Voting - Hans A. von Spakovsky, Heritage
Dignity for an Aging Population - Emily Baxter, CAP
The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment - Health Affairs & RWJF

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