Friday, October 31
Do 'Teacher Quality' Measures Work? - Thomas J. Kane, Brookings
Air Pollution Near Fracking Sites - Macey et al., Environmental Health
Black Underrepresentation on City Councils - Karen Shanton, Demos
Reflections on 'Secular Stagnation' - Lawrence Summers, VoxEU
The Continued Decline of Homelessness - HUD
Inequality Does Not Reduce Prosperity - Scott Winship, Manhattan Institute
Thursday, October 30
Misdemeanor Arrests in New York - Travis et al., John Jay College
The Discriminatory Effects of Provisional Ballots - Field et al., CAP
Regulating Uber and Lyft - Stewart Dompe & Adam C. Smith, Mercatus Center
Wednesday, October 29
Immigration and Fiscal Competition - Bandyopadhyay & Pinto, St. Louis Fed
The Limits to Tax Enforcement - Dina Pomeranz et al., SSRN
How Family Structures Economic Success - Wilcox & Lerman, AEI
Not Beyond Coal - Robert Bryce, Manhattan Institute
Credit Card Debt in the Latino Community - Amy Traub, Demos
Tuesday, October 28
Affirmative Action and Stereotypes - Krishnamurthy & Edlin, SSRN
Exploding Wealth Inequality in the U.S. - Saez & Zucman, VoxEU
Reduce the Population, Save the Planet? - Bradshaw & Brook, PNAS
A Public College Quality Compact - David A. Bergeron et al., CAP
The Nonprofit Sector in Brief - Sarah L. Pettijohn & Brice McKeever, Urban
Questions About Health Insurance Subsidies - Kaiser Family Foundation
Monday, October 27
Obamacare Fails the Origination Clause - Willis & Tanzler, SSRN
Human Rights Abuses in Ferguson - Amnesty International
What Drives Volatility in Employment Growth? - Ilut et al., VoxEU
Saturday, October 25
Is There an Illegal Immigration Crisis? - Gruben & Payan, Baker Institute
The Labeling Effects of Juvenile Arrests - Akiva Liberman, Urban Institute
Friday, October 24
War on Poverty: Are We Winning Yet? - Tanner & Hughes, Cato Institute
What Americans Fear Most - Chapman University
Why Americans Like Their Own Public Schools - Martin West, Brookings
Family Planning Services for All - Donna Barry & Amelia Esenstad, CAP
Homeless Americans, Age 14-21 - Family & Youth Services Bureau
Thursday, October 23
Wealth Tax Would Shrink the Economy - Andrew Lundeen, Tax Foundation
Copyright and Creativity: Evidence From Opera - Giorcelli & Moser, SSRN
The Reality of Online Harassment - Maeve Duggan, Pew Research
Energy States Have Fared Better - Ben Gitis, American Action Forum
Wednesday, October 22
Mapping America's Diversity - USA Today
Tax Reform Would Help American Families - Curtis S. DuBay, Heritage
The Evidence on Universal Preschool - David J. Armor | Timothy J. Bartik
Tuesday, October 21
Who Will Become a Killer? - DeLisi et al., Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice
Anti-Fraud Efforts and the Budget - Congressional Budget Office
Wealth Inequality Explodes - Saez & Zucman, Equitable Growth
Assessing the Proposed Housing Goals - Jim Parrott et al., Urban Institute
Fortress and Frontier in American Health Care - Robert Graboyes, Mercatus
Connecticut's Great College Cost Shift - Huelsman & Hiltonsmith, Demos

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