Tuesday, November 25
Options for Reducing the Deficit - Congressional Budget Office
What We 'Know' About High-Achieving Women - Robin Ely et al., HBR
Higher Inequality Any Way You Cut It - Bernstein & Spielberg, CBPP
Critics of Transparency Are Wrong - Gary D. Bass et al., Brookings
Racial Differences in Investment Decisions - Credit Suisse
A Scorecard Approach to Cutting Carbon - Bosetti & Frankel, VoxEU
Saturday, November 22
Do New Laws Help or Hurt the Homeless? - Teresa Wiltz, Stateline
State Unfunded Liabilities Hit $4.7 Trillion - State Budget Solutions
Friday, November 21
How HHS Flip-Flopped on Federal Exchange Subsidies - Scot Vorse, CEI
Thursday, November 20
The FDA's Impact on Competition in the Drug Industry - Alex Brill, PCMA
Wednesday, November 19
Multiple Factors Influence Extent of Transit-Oriented Development - GAO
Monday, November 17
A Visual Guide to Business, Taxes, and the Economy - Tax Foundation
Highlights from CBO's New Income Distribution and Tax Data - CRFB
Saturday, November 15
Universal Basic Income vs. Unemployment Insurance - St. Louis Fed

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