Saturday, October 10
Expectations for State Pre-K Programs - Farran & Lipsey, Brookings
High Quality Child Care Is Out of Reach - Elise Gould & Tanyell Cooke, EPI
Corporations' Political Disclosures - Center for Political Accountability
Friday, October 9
Assessing the Arrest-Related Deaths Program - Duren Banks et al., BJS
Mass Incarceration: A Bibliography - Nicole P. Dyszlewski et al., SSRN
An Open Amendment Process for the Senate? - Madonna & Kosar, R Street
Thursday, October 8
Unintended Effects of Tax Avoidance Laws - Egger & Wamser, VoxEU
Do Anti-Bullying Policies Work? - Hatzenbuehler et al., JAMA Pediatrics
What's Increasing Generic Drug Costs? - Devon M. Herrick, NCPA
Wednesday, October 7
The Covert For-Profit College - Robert Shireman, Century Foundation
Wait Times and Late Term Abortions - Texas Policy Evaluation Project
Tuesday, October 6
Turning 529s Into Lifelong Learning Accounts - Dan Lips, CRN
Vouchers: Where Are the Campaigns? - Grover Whitehurst, Brookings
Fostering Health Market Competition - Hempstead & King, Health Affairs
Monday, October 5
Can Members-Only Unions Revitalize Labor? - Marvit & Schriever, TCF
2016 Premiums on the Exchanges - Kaiser Family Foundation
Saturday, October 3
Competitiveness: Ranking Countries - World Economic Forum
Maternal Age and Infant Mortality - Philip N. Cohen, Family Inequality
Freedom of Contract in Medicare Part B - David E. Bernstein, Mercatus
Friday, October 2
To Fight Inequality, Support Women's Work - Judith Warner, CAP
America's Transportation Challenges - R. Richard Geddes, AEI
Simulating Corporate Income Tax Reform - K. Bhattarai et al., NCPA
Thursday, October 1
A Portrait of the Foreign-Born Population - Brown & Stepler, Pew
Government Unions Undermine Upward Mobility - Carrie Sheffield, CEI
Analysis of Donald Trump's Tax Plan - Alan Cole, Tax Foundation
Wednesday, September 30
How Dodd-Frank Harms Main Street - Iain Murray, NCPA
Three 'White Elephant' Transportation Projects - Kevin DeGood, CAP
How to Fix Community Colleges - Judah Bellin, Manhattan Institute

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