Wednesday, October 1
Helicopter Money: The Best Policy - Bossone et al., VoxEU
The Immigrant Population Hits a New High - Zeigler & Camarota, CIS
Treasury Can Slow Inversions - Steven Rosenthal, Urban Institute
The Financial Penalty for Being LGBT - Movement Advancement Project
Improving Federal Financial Assistance - David Mader, OMB
Tuesday, September 30
Why Is Infant Mortality So High in the U.S.? - Chen et al., NBER
Who Gets Left Behind in School? - Marilyn Achiron, OECD
Abortion Restrictions and Domestic Violence - Roberts et al., BMC
Toward a Fact-Based Rulemaking Process - Douglas Holtz-Eakin, AAF
Climate Change and 2013's Extreme Weather - AMS
Budgeting for Federal Lending Programs - Donald Marron, Urban
Monday, September 29
Pensions and Fertility: Back to the Roots - Fenge & Scheubel, ECB
Perceptions of Inequality: The U.S. vs. Europe - Judith Niehues, VoxEU
Saturday, September 27
SCOTUS vs. the Federal Circuit - Robin Feldman, SSRN
Cognitive Science Behind Common Core - Marchitello & Wilhelm, CAP
Friday, September 26
How Hard Is It to Find Movies Legally Online? - KPMG
Obamacare and Latinos' Uninsurance Rate - Commonwealth Fund
HIV/AIDS in the Lives of Gay and Bisexual Men - KFF
Thursday, September 25
Active Shooter Incidents in the U.S. - Federal Bureau of Investigation
The Limited English Proficient Workforce - Jill H. Wilson, Brookings
Where The Housing Recovery Stands - Andy Winkler, AAF
Record Share of Americans Never Married - Wang & Parker, Pew
Explaining Northeast Pacific Warming - Johnstonea & Mantua, PNAS
Who Benefits From Asset-Building Subsidies? - Steuerle et al., Urban
Wednesday, September 24
Rural Electrification 2.0 - Bracken Hendricks & Ben Bovarnick, CAP
The Emotional Impact of Violent Crime - Langton & Truman, BJS
Kids' Share of the Federal Budget - Hahn et al., Urban Institute
Intellectual Property and Eminent Domain - Subir Gokarn, Brookings
Tuesday, September 23
Bundled Payments vs. Innovation? - Rebecca Paradis, Health Affairs
Religion in America - Pew Religion & Public Life Project
When Families Leave Housing Assistance - Robin E. Smith et al., Urban
How Much C02 Pricing Is in Countries' Own Interests? - Parry et al., IMF
Monday, September 22
Complicated ACA Forms Could Cause Issues - Timothy Jost, Health Affairs
Skills Gaps, Shortages, and Mismatches - Peter Cappelli, VoxEU

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