Wednesday, July 1
Overtime Pay Expansion: Who's Affected? - Ben Gitis, AAF
The Supreme Court Stat Pack - SCOTUSblog
Gun Ownership and Gun Culture - Bindu Kalesan et al., Injury Prevention
Gay Rights and Religious Accommodation - Andrew Koppelman, SCLR
Tuesday, June 30
The Stimulative Effect of Redistribution - Hobijn & Nussbacher, FRBSF
Capped Internet: No Bargain for the Public - Kehl & Lucey, New America
Nature as Capital - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Monday, June 29
Explaining the Black-White Wage Gap - Elizabeth Ananat et al., VoxEU
Student Debt and College Completion - Ben Miller, CAP
Taxing Carbon: What, Why, and How - Donald Marron et al., Urban
Saturday, June 27
Reducing Racial Disparities in Jails - Eaglin & Solomon, Brennan Center
How Insurers Competed in the ACA's First Year - Commonwealth Fund
An Education Agenda for 2016 - Frederick M. Hess & Max Eden, AEI
Friday, June 26
Firearms and Domestic Abusers - Garen Wintemute, Injury Epidemiology
Trade and Growth: End of an Era? - Bernard Hoekman, VoxEU
Reinventing American Policing - Lum & Nagin, Crime Report
Thursday, June 25
The Clean Power Plan and States' Rights - Rivkin et al., Federalist Society
Street Homelessness: A Disappearing Act? - Kevin C. Corinth, AEI
Climate Change: Benefits of Global Action - EPA
Wednesday, June 24
Overpayments in Disability Programs - SSA
The Earnings of Top CEOs - Lawrence Mishel & Alyssa Davis, EPI
Reforming Regulation to Boost Growth - Brink Lindsey, Cato Institute
Tuesday, June 23
Distribution of Taxes, Income, and Spending - Kevin Perese, CBO
Year Two of the ACA Coverage Expansions - Artiga et al., KFF
NCLB: No Place for Expanded Preschool - Lindsey Burke, Heritage
Suicide, Age, and Wellbeing - Anne Case & Angus Deaton, NBER
Wrongful Capital Prosecutions in N.C. - C. for Death Penalty Litigation
Monday, June 22
How Gaining Coverage Affects People's Lives - Garfield & Young, KHN
The Value of Hospitals' Tax Exemption - Rosenbaum et al., Health Affairs

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