Saturday, December 20
Expanding Medicaid While Reforming It - Commonwealth Fund
Banking Panics and Long Recessions - Daniel Sanches, Philadelphia Fed
Friday, December 19
Taxing Capital Income: Policy Options - Congressional Budget Office
How the Silver Line Will Reshape D.C. - Kevin DeGood, CAP
Thursday, December 18
Reclaiming the Debate on Regulation - Michael Lipsky, Demos
Wealth Gap: Widest on Record - Fry & Kochhar, Pew Research Center
Wednesday, December 17
Defined Benefit Pensions: Better Bang for the Buck - Fornia & Rhee, NIRS
Not All Income-Tax-Free States Are Alike - Pamela Villarreal, NCPA
Four Conservative Tax Plans - David R. Burton, Heritage Foundation
A Better Way to Measure Mortgage Denials - Goodman & Li, Urban
EPA's Flawed Clean Power Plan - Energy & Commerce Committee
Tuesday, December 16
Focus on Poverty, Not Gentrification - Joe Cortright, City Observatory
New Data on Same-Sex Marriages - Badgett & Mallory, Williams Institute
Natural Gas Overwhelmingly Replaces Coal - Trembath et al., Breakthrough
Marital Disruption and Health Insurance - H. Elizabeth Peters et al., Urban
Monday, December 15
Right-to-Work Laws: Myth vs. Fact - James Sherk, Heritage Foundation
Charter School Performance in Ohio 2014 - CREDO
Saturday, December 13
Sex Differences in Idiotic Behavior - Ben Lendrem et al., BMJ
Student Loan Debt and the Economy - Cooper & Wang, Boston Fed
Level the Playing Field for Women - Judith Warner, CAP
Friday, December 12
Sexual Assault Among College-Age Females - Bureau of Justice Statistics
Contraceptive Use Among American Women - Centers for Disease Control
Population Growth and Carbon Emissions - David Rosnick, CEPR
The Business Impact of Gay Marriage - Williams Institute
A Framework for State-Level Promise Zones - Ross & Boteach, CAP
Campaign Finance and Racial Equity - Adam Lioz, Demos
Thursday, December 11
Growing Public Support for Gun Rights - Pew Research
Hate Crimes in the U.S. - Federal Bureau of Investigation
Discrimination Against LGBT Americans - Sarah McBride et al., CAP
Federal Spending by the Numbers - Romina Boccia, Heritage Foundation
Sharing Economy and Consumer Protection - Koopman et al., Mercatus
The State Teacher Policy Yearbook - National Council on Teacher Quality
Wednesday, December 10
Is Inequality Good or Bad for Growth? - Brian Keeley, OECD
The CIA's Interrogation Program - Senate Intelligence Committee
No Child Left Behind: Four Recommendations - Lindsey Burke, Heritage
Modernizing the Federal Coal Program - Nidhi Thakar, CAP
Counting Those Killed by Police -
The Price Tag of Youth Incarceration - Justice Policy Institute

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