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Tuesday, August 19
Adam Carolla Settles With a Patent Troll - Daniel Nazer, EFF
Hunger in America 2014 - Feeding America
A Highway Funding Plan that Could Work - Patrick Jones, IBTTA
Monday, August 18
Medicaid Reform: Lessons From Florida - Alexander Bobroske, ATR
A Crazy Trademark Attack on Batman - Daniel Nazer, EFF
Fix Inversions With Comprehensive Reform - Martin Regalia, Chamber
Saturday, August 16
Florida's Success With Medicaid Reform - Alexander Bobroske, ATR
Abortion Coverage and the ACA - Nancy K. Kaufman, NCJW
America's Record on Racial Discrimination - Chandra Bhatnagar, ACLU
Friday, August 15
Expanding Access to Pharmacies in Part D - B. Douglas Hoey, NCPA
Fighting the Rise of Tobacco Smuggling - Richard Phillips, CTJ
The Dark Money Complex - Dan Epstein, Cause of Action
Thursday, August 14
Obama's Watchdogs Push for Greater Disclosure - Ashton Ellis, CFIF
Obamacare's Backdoor Premium Hikes - Akash Chougule, AFP
Make Corporate Tax Reform Revenue-Positive - Steve Wamhoff, CTJ
Wednesday, August 13
Philadelphia's Civil Forfeiture Machine - Institute for Justice
The Costliest Regulation in American History - Ken Cohen, ExxonMobile
How the Tobacco Industry Dodges Taxes - Richard Phillips, CTJ
The Failure of Stand Your Ground - American Bar Association
Tuesday, August 12
South Carolina's Creationism Compromise - Carrie Ellen Sager, ACLU
Brush Off That New Keystone XL Study - Sean Hackbarth, U.S. Chamber
A New Tax for Your Internet Bill? - Phil Kerpen, American Commitment
Monday, August 11
Corporate Tax Dodging: Beyond Inversions - Matt Gardner, CTJ
Still No Coal Ash Safety Standards - Mary Anne Hitt, Sierra Club
Saturday, August 9
Could Obama Pardon Illegal Immigrants? - Jon Feere, CIS
Spectrum Auctions and Small Business - Connor Houston, Digital Liberty

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