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Friday, October 9
Big Oil, Big Tobacco, Big Lies - Bill McKibben,
Setting the Record Straight on Climate - Ken Cohen, ExxonMobile
Wednesday, October 7
Those Who Speak a Foreign Language at Home - Zeigler & Camarota, CIS
Offshore Tax Havens of Fortune 500 Companies - CTJ
Tuesday, October 6
Cybersecurity: Waiting on Congress - Javier Ortiz, Falcon Cyber Investments
TPP: Users Have Been Betrayed - Jeremy Malcolm, EFF
Saturday, October 3
Litmus Test for the Next House Speaker - Heather R. Higgins, IWF
Friday, October 2
Freelancing in America: 2015 Report - Sara Horowitz, Freelancers Union
Why Cities Should Have Open Data - Stephen Larrick, Sunlight Foundation
Thursday, October 1
Trump's Tax Cut for Money Managers - Matt Gardner, CTJ
Wednesday, September 30
Civil Forfeiture in Michigan - Mackinac Center/ACLU
What Was Cut From the Planned Parenthood Videos - ADF
Tuesday, September 29
Donald Trump's $10 Trillion Tax Cut - Citizens for Tax Justice

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