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Wednesday, July 23
Deportations Will Worsen Child Crisis - Johnson & Sitther, FCNL
The Bundy Standoff and the American Radical Right - SPLC
States Are Wrong to Dismantle Estate Taxes - Sydni Pierce, CTJ
Tuesday, July 22
A Global Perspective on the Border Crisis - Bill Frelick, HRW
The Inconvenient Truth About BPA's Safety - John M. Rost, NAMPA
SoundCloud's Copyright Woes - Griffin Davis, Future of Music Coalition
Monday, July 21
The Deferred Action Magnet - Cari Kelly, Heritage Action
NLRB Wrongly Targets a Boeing Policy - Sean P. Redmond, WFI
Saturday, July 19
Uber Should Play by the Rules - Gebreselassi & Bezabeh, D.C. Taxi Operators
Making Flying While Brown Safe Again - Rachel Goodman, ACLU
Operation Choke Point: Government Overreach? - Michael Liguori, NTU
Absurd Claims About Tax Inversions - Matt Gardner, CTJ
Friday, July 18
D.C. Council Approves Historic Tax Cuts - Alexander Bobroske, ATR
What New Climate Initiatives Mean for You - Sivan Sherriffe, Greenpeace
An Analysis of Recent Mass Shootings - Everytown for Gun Safety
Less Disclosure Won't Reduce Dark Money - Lee Drutman, Sunlight
Thursday, July 17
Gun Deaths vs. Motor Vehicle Deaths - Violence Policy Center
A Criminal Record Can Leave You Jobless - Kenneth Quinnell, AFL-CIO
How EPA Creates Uncertainty for Businesses - William Kovacs, Chamber
Immigration Is Good for the Economy - Wiens & Stangler, Kauffman
Wednesday, July 16
A Simplified Way to Tax Multinational Corporations - Dave Johnson, CAF
The Truth About Potential NSA Reforms - Neema Singh Guliani, ACLU
A History of U.S. Copyright Terms - Terry Hart, Copyhype
Tuesday, July 15
Bush Isn't to Blame for the Border Crisis - Ashton Ellis, CFIF
White House Is Bribing Health Insurance Companies - Tim Phillips, AFP
Long-Term Debt Isn't Improving Much - Robert Bixby, Concord Coalition
Monday, July 14
The Kennedys' Death Tax Hypocrisy - Alexander Bobroske, ATR
Warner Bros.' Spurious Copyright Claim - James Turner, Greenpeace
TROL Act Isn't Enough to Fight Patent Trolls - Daniel Nazer, EFF

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