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Saturday, September 13
Voter Suppression in Wisconsin - Faith Barksdale, ACLU
Have We 'Stigmatized' Coal Ash Recycling? - Slesinger & Evans, NRDC
Friday, September 12
No Substitute for Contraceptive Coverage - Sonfield & Barot, Guttmacher
Keeping Pregnant Women in the Workplace - Lenora M. Lapidus, ACLU
Thursday, September 11
The Cost of Federal Regulation - National Association of Manufacturers
Companies Moving Overseas: Don't Worry - Logan Albright, FreedomWorks
Wednesday, September 10
The Gender Gap in U.S. House Witnesses - Lindsay Young, Sunlight
Tuesday, September 9
Why the Wait on Renewable Fuels? - Byron Dorgan, RealClearPolicy
Against Over-the-Counter Birth Control - Planned Parenthood Action Fund
Burger King Reduced Its Tax Rate 60 Percent - Richard Phillips, CTJ
Are Police a Law Unto Themselves? - Al Sharpton, National Action Network
Monday, September 8
53 Million Americans Are Now Freelancing - Freelancers Union
Race and Injuries by Police - Damian Ortellado, Sunlight Foundation
Saturday, September 6
The Cost of Educating Illegal Immigrants' Children - FAIR
Leading and Lagging on Public Pensions - Michael McShane, Chamber
Friday, September 5
Socializing the Cost of Risky Adventures - Alan Daley, ACI
A Statistical Look at the Working Poor - United Way
Transparency Bills in Congress - Lisa Rosenberg, Sunlight Foundation
Thursday, September 4
Social Cost of Carbon: GAO Approved - Cost of Carbon Project
Nude Selfies and the NSA - Jay Stanley, ACLU
Wednesday, September 3
Pricing Solar Power - Alan Daley, American Consumer Institute
Let's Talk About Fixing Obamacare - D. Taylor, UNITE HERE

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