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Saturday, February 6
Mass Incarceration: Can We Wait 88 Years? - Mauer & Ghandnoosh, SP
An Overdue Oil and Climate Security Fee - Deron Lovaas, NRDC
Friday, February 5
Quality Assurance in Higher Education - Chamber of Commerce Foundation
Virginia's Bad Gun Deal - John Feinblatt, Everytown for Gun Safety
Thursday, February 4
Smart Guns, Dumb Survey - National Shooting Sports Foundation
Wednesday, February 3
A Criminal Justice Data Repository - Sunlight Foundation
Vermont: The Next Failed ACA Exchange? - Alexander Hendrie, ATR
Tuesday, February 2
The Endangered Female Farmer - Nathan Rosenberg, NRDC
The States That Depend on the Gun Industry - WalletHub
Saturday, January 30
The Real Impact of Ambush Elections - Phil Wilson, Labor Relations Institute
Thursday, January 28
Racial Profiling on Florida Roadways - Nusrat Choudhury, ACLU
End the Threat of Internet Access Taxes - Grover Norquist, ATR
Wednesday, January 27
The Problem With License Plate Readers - Dave Maass, EFF

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